Serpentine Coffee House


The Serpentine Coffee House, designed by our long standing design practice Mizzi Studio has been sculpted to mirror the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park, topped with a roof designed to look like a stingray.

Mizzi Studio designed the coffee house to be a small landmark structure between the Serpentine Gallery's two locations on the main street that passes through Hyde Park.

It takes its form from both Japanese tea houses and the Serpentine lake, which it stands alongside.

"It is a biomorphic design as everything we do is inspired by natural processes. It's made to look natural, which is what we believe all architecture should be. Its an extension to the lake, a creature that has leap out of the lake – a smiling stingray that flies from the lake," Jonathan Mizzi

The coffee house menu compliments the design with the USP a local artisan gelato made in the heart of Soho together with a continuous flowing chocolate font. Single Origin coffee, hand baked deli and cake items completes the offer.

079 1751 8811

Opening Times
8:30am til dusk

Will Chapman